Sustainable shrimp

Mekong detla, Vietnam



Sustainable shrimp farming in the Mekong Delta.

We want to end the current irresponsible and destructive farming methods that dominate the shrimp industry in Vietnam. Together with various local and international partners, like ASC and WWF Vietnam, we have worked towards creating an alternative: responsible, environmentally friendly farmed shrimp. The aim of this project was to further improve the shrimp sector and receive recognition on the international market.

Scattered across the Mekong Delta, various farmers work sustainably on small patches of land. They farm shrimp in a responsible and small-scale way. Because these farmers often operate independently, they don’t have the means to qualify for recognition of international labels such as the ASC certificate, which is the worldwide standard for sustainable fish farming. It is difficult for these farmers to gain access to new markets. As a result, they miss out on income and recognition for their beautiful product.

One of the requirements for the ASC label is having good farm management. When your farm is managed well, you can clearly demonstrate that you work sustainably. With help of the Foundation, the small-scale farms have improved their farm management. Also, several cooperatives were set up in which the individual farmers are united. Here they share knowledge, resources and information. The cooperatives have allowed independent shrimp farmers to jointly apply for certification. Various cooperatives within this project have now received an ASC certificate!

“Small-scale shrimp farmers account for approximately 80% of product volume in the Mekong Delta.  But these producers are facing a number of challenges preventing them from entering high-value markets … Though there are government policies to promote the shrimp sector in moving toward a sustainable path, there is less attention and support geared toward the small-scale shrimp farmers.”


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