Full traceability

Mandhoo, Maldives


Know exactly where your tuna comes from!

Only if you can pinpoint exactly where your products come from, you can make a difference in the production chain and product quality. That is why we make fish traceable and transparent from boat to plate. Fish Tales already has a unique way of working when it comes to transparency and traceability of the products. But there is always room for improvement! Knowing precisely where each and every fish has been, at what time and handled by who is the next step to document. A challenge which the Fish Tales Foundation happily accepted to find out!

Within this project, the Foundation has worked together with the fishermen from 5 vessels in the Maldives who fish exclusively for Fish Tales. We gathered information about their catches and have recorded this on paper and digitalized the information into a traceability system. Having this information and by seeing the process from fishing to landing with our own eyes have given us a lot of insights in the opportunities to improve traceability in this supply chain. Not only from the Fish Tales perspective, but also for the fishermen who are working on the fishing boats every day and need to upload the information on traceability regularly.

The project was ended successfully. As a follow up, the Fish Tales Foundation is currently exploring opportunities to start a new project on traceability solutions for other seafood supply chains. This project has provided many learnings and useful information to continue working on this topic!

“For several generations my fishing community and I catch the most delicious skipjack tuna with pole & line. We believe that if you live in harmony with nature, your catch will be abundant. Because of that, in Mandhoo we catch our fish one by one, fish by fish. So we can enjoy it now and in the future.”

– Zaky, fishermen