Who we are

The board of the Fish Tales Foundation consists of Bart van Olphen, Ocke Sevinga and Irene Kranendonk. Each of the board members bring in their own expertise to get the most out of the Fish Tales Foundation!

Get to know us!

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Bart van Olphen

Fish expert and always championing for more sustainable fish on the shelves.

“The Fish Tales Foundation makes it possible to connect small-scale fisheries to a worldwide network of consumers.”

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Ocke Sevinga

As treasurer responsible to ensure our impact in a financially healthy way.

“A lot is possible with regard to sustainable initiatives, you just have to get the right people together.”

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Irene Kranendonk

Marine biologist working as impact manager working to increase Fish Tales’ impact on a daily basis!


“It is fantastic to work together with fisheries and explore where we can increase our positive impact and to get started right away.”

The members of the board do not receive financial compensation for their activities.


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financial report here.

Read our company
policy for 2019 here.


Fish Tales Foundation

The Fish Tales Foundation is an initiative by the company Fish Tales and Sea Tales. The foundation was born from Fish Tales’ and Sea Tales’ need to do more to improve the current state of our oceans and for the communities for whom fishing is their main source of food and income. The foundation, like Fish Tales and Sea Tales, aims to preserve the oceans as a healthy source of food and livelihood.

The foundation was established to carry out and support non-profit projects that contribute to this goal. This will support innovative projects and initiatives that are outside the regular scope of Fish Tales’ and Sea Tales’ ongoing activities. The projects of the Fish Tales Foundation focus on supporting small-scale fishing communities to operate sustainably and thereby, gain access to new markets, and to raise awareness about the status of our oceans.