Are the products from these projects already available on the market?

Yes! The pole and line caught skipjack tuna from Zaky and his team is on the shelves in Dutch supermarkets. For every tuna can sold, Fish Tales donates 1% to the Fish Tales Foundation. This way you always contribute to the foundation when you buy Fish Tales tuna.

What’s the difference between Fish Tales and the Fish Tales Foundation?

The Fish Tales Foundation is an initiative of the company Fish Tales. Fish Tales wants to do more to improve the current state of our oceans and to do more for the communities for whom fishing is their main source of food and income. So, like Fish Tales, the foundation aims to preserve the oceans as a healthy source of food and livelihood. The foundation’s main focus is to provide support to non-profit projects that contribute to this goal.

Are the fishermen displayed on the packaging of your products real people?

Yes! They exist and we all know them personally. These fishermen represent their fishing community, who all work together.

Do board members get paid for their work for the Fish Tales Foundation?

No, the board members do not get paid by the foundation.

I would like to donate something, is that possible?

We are very happy to receive your donations, big or small! Please donate via bank transfer to Fish Tales Foundation: NL37 RABO 0334 6489 04. Thank you very much!

I always buy Fish Tales products; do I also contribute to the Foundation’s projects?

Not with every Fish Tales product, but when you buy a can of our pole and line caught skipjack tuna from Zaky, Fish Tales automatically donates 1% of these proceeds to the foundation.

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